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Specialising in Nut & Candy with over 150 product lines available




Founded in early 2020, CandyBird sources, manufactures, and distributes over 150 types of health foods, confectionery, snack foods, nuts and candy of the highest quality. Every aspect of our daily operations, from ordering to delivery, is directly managed by us, ensuring an exemplary level of service to you, our valued customer.

Our vision is to become Port Elizabeth's most iconic manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of the best quality products, bringing health and happiness into people's lives.
Our products are promoted with honesty and integrity, without making any false or misleading claims. By using window packaging, we aim to let the quality of the product within speak for itself.

Our goal is to create a family atmosphere in our company by treating staff and customers as if they were our own. Bringing everyone together and delivering delicious, high-quality products that satisfy everyone is how we aim to live up to our core values. And because you're part of the family too, providing the freshest and most flavourful Nuts, Dried Fruit, Seeds, Snacks and Treats around is what we do. While keeping currency and exchange rates in mind, we will always strive to maintain competitive pricing to ensure quality and service.



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It's time to dream big: With consumables you will be talking to customers who enjoy receiving quality goods, and you will be learning everything you need to know about working your own hours, being your own boss! Affiliate Programmes such as Candybird's are available to help individuals or small businesses earn passive income. By promoting our products with the same integrity we value, you can gain your clientele and build a reputation in no time.

Your Promises

Have you purchased a CandyBird product before? What drew you to us?
Always consider the consumer's perspective. The next time you buy candy from the store, ask yourself:
Is this item marketed as having a better quality than it actually has?
Did I taste anything bad in this packet?
Did I purchase a spoiled or damaged product?
Did I purchase a product that I could have found elsewhere at a better price?
Is there a weight difference between the advertised and actual weight of this item?
I wish to receive a refund. Am I likely to have difficulty getting my money back?

Answer "No" to all of the above questions about your own product, and you can confidently boast 100% customer satisfaction and money-back guarantees, and you're well on your way to selling success. Keep in mind: Fantastic customer support & easy returns are powerful ways to build a large and loyal customer base that loves shopping with you.

Ready to dive in? Visit our Affiliate Programme Page to sign up.


Interested in joining our workforce? Check out our Employee Handbook for a simple outline of how we operate.

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